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Antonio Cortez Hicks 



I was led to run for Congress so I may fight for those who don’t have a voice or struggle to pay for healthcare. For those who see jobs leave the market without any guidance or leadership on what the next steps are when they're displaced, and those who are hardworking Americans but see the money and wealth they generate from their hard work filter more upstream than down back into their pockets. I fight for those who would love to have their kids get a proper education, only for the money they pay in taxes to be sent to people that are already wealthy enough for their kids to enter into a private school. This is what I fight for, this is what led me, Antonio Cortez Hicks, to stand up and say enough is enough.  We need real people in Congress that understand today’s needs. Those that aren’t bought out by corporations, people who actually understand the technology of today, and those who are not afraid to stand up for what’s right in Washington.  With your help and support, we can build a future for all Americans. Young and old. One that will not only take our nation to greater heights, but also our district.

As a nation, we focus on capital gains as opposed to adding value into what we already possess. By focusing our attention on the betterment of the world we have in front of us today, with educating our neighbors and children, we will provide stable homes for generations to come.  This would, in turn, allow us as a community and nation to provide healthcare for those who truly cannot afford it; as well as our older generation who have worked long enough that they should be able to enjoy the golden years by being nothing but happy.


In this nation, I believe no one should have to worry about their children being gunned down in school, church, or the mall.  I am all for the 2nd amendment but I am also for comprehensive gun reform that doesn’t allow those whom we classify as mentally unstable to have the right to purchase a weapon.  We need someone in place to fight inequalities that are faced across this nation and disproportionately affect us all. Keeping us from reaching our full potential.  In me, you will find a true leader. One who isn’t afraid to speak their mind on what’s right, and make sure all of our needs as Americans are taken care of.


I was born and raised in Macon, Georgia, and have lived in Georgia throughout my entire adulthood. One thing you learn growing up in the South is that you love thy neighbor, respect your elders, and you should always do your best in all things you do.  My father is a retired Bellsouth employee with over 30+ years of service, he and my mother believed in helping others, hard work, honesty, and integrity. These are the values I grew up with and ones I have passed down to my two boys. I believe that everyone deserves a chance and that all that we do should not allow us to be penalized by a system to hold us down and prevent us from achieving the American dream.  I have worked as an engineer throughout my career, and as an engineer, you seek knowledge to understand how things work and how to fix them.  If you put your belief in me I will fix what is broken, arise above all to see that we ALL have a future, and make sure your voices are heard in Washington so that your children’s children can know how beautiful of a nation we have.


Having grown up in Stone Mountain, Georgia I care deeply for my community and what it has become, especially the families that live in this district calling it home.  I know we have a ways to go create more jobs and a better thriving economy for us. So I look forward to talking with my neighbors, listening to everyone’s needs, and utilizing my experience to re-engineer our community, as we create it into something new.